Super Bowl Ads

February 1st, 2008 by JRed

There is only one television event each year that can hold people’s attention through commercials. In other words, there will be no use of the DVR and you won’t hear anywhere yell for you to “fast-forward” past the paid ads.

Of course, I’m referring to the Super Bowl and I’m sure this is all true simply because the ads can sometimes be more entertaining than the game itself.

The NFL’s title game is famous for being the most watched TV event of the year. With 80-90 million viewers worldwide it’s hard to argue with advertisers who will pay big bucks to the largest captive audience they’ll see all year long. That’s why the price tag for a 30-second commercial spot is hefty. This year it’s about $2.7 million!

Let’s look at some Super Bowl funny money facts…

In 1967, the very first Super Bowl was seen by over 51 million people. In those days, a 30-second spot cost a mere $40,000. Adjusted for inflation, that would equal about $245, 350 in today’s dollars.

The biggest price jump from one year to another happened from 1999 ($1.6 million) to 2000 ($2.1 million).

Remember the most famous Super Bowl ad? The one where the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mean Joe Green chugged a Coca-Cola from a school age child before throwing the kid his jersey as a gesture of thanks? That 30-second ad cost $275,000. Since Joe drank 18 Cokes over the 2-day shoot, that breaks down to $15,277.77 per bottle!

For the sake of businesses that are buying time during the Super Bowl this year…I really hope your ads are funny!

If this yet-to-be-aired commercial by Pepsi is any indication I think we can count on it.


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